What we do?

We'll identify the list of systems that we need to interface with, prepare a Sandbox that has access to them, either directly or configured via Ditto and we'll create the interfaces.

What you get?

Interfaces for testing in our Sandboxed environment.


What we do?

We'll assign a Project Manager who'll be your representative for the course of the project, and manage the team, progress and stakeholders.

What you get?

A list of deliverables, for the user interfaces, system interfaces, test scripts and developer documentation.


What we do?

We'll identify the list of systems that we need to interface with, prepare a sandbox that has access to them, either directly or configured via ditto & we'll create the interfaces.

What you get?

Interfaces for testing in our sandboxed environment.


What we do?

We package the interfaces along with the test cases, documentation and deployment scripts for your release team. When user interfaces are involved, we ship an easily installable Linux RPM.

What you get?

The packaged set of deliverables.


What we do?

We access your environment, remotely or in person, to participate in the on-site implementation and test activities.

What you get?

A dedicated engineer as a member of your implementation team


What we do?

We maintain the project, taking care of defects and improvements post the warranty period. We also provide on-boarding assistance, in case of public APIs that are accessed by your customers.

What you get?

On-going monitoring and maintenance of your interfaces.


1. From point to point interfaces, to enterprise apps and platforms.
2. Open Source and Proprietary: Ruby On Rails, IBM Integration Bus
3. A cross-functional, full stack team



Service First helps you manage the entire life-cycle of service requests, complaints and tasks that your organisation does every single day.
With out-of-the-box workflow support for many use cases, a configurable front end and escalation matrix, and easy to use work-lists, all stake-holders, such as central operations, branch operations & customer service value from the system.


Application Programming Interface (API) Banking is a suite of simple, secure, smart interfaces for the bank’s corporate customers and partners. As there is a growing demand for simpler and accurate transactions from corporates that go beyond what automated file transfers can offer, each interface is carefully designed to enable a deep integration between your systems and your partners.
The suite includes a user interface for your business and operations teams to configure the behaviour of services (Service Center), a monitoring dashboard for operations and support staff (Surveil), a testing tool with pre-baked test plans for quality assurance (Okay & Ditto), and a deployment tool for your change management teams (Enwrap).


Just like the original
Testing a middleware that is dependent on other systems is tough. All systems need to be available at the same time, for the entire duration of the test cycle. This is expensive and in many cases not feasible at all. Ditto was created to be ‘just like the original’ system. It will respond consistently with scenarios that are configured, including success & failure cases, helping you to do tests of individual systems at a time. All interactions with Ditto are logged and available to search, to assist development.
How to use
  1. Since it comes preconfigured for popular systems, you’ll most likely find that ditto can already be the system you want
  2. You can configure it via its user interface. All you need are the sample request/responses that you expect from the system
  3. You can train it by configuring a proxy to capture the request/response from an available environment
Better regression tests
Regression testing for APIs has to be automated; there just can’t be any other way. After all, APIs are meant to be invoked by programs, and Okay is an app that helps you write tests that can be repeated over and over again, including daily for testing your APIs for performance, availability, and defects.




How to use
  1. Since it comes preconfigured for popular services, you’ll most likely find that Okay can already be the tool with test cases you want to use for testing
  2. You can add your new test cases for each operation of the service and provide values for each element in the sample request.
  3. Run the test cases and verify the results.
A packager for middleware solutions
A middleware solution for the IBM Integration bus includes not only the ‘bar’ file, there are overrides to be applied, configurable services to be created, database patches applied among other things. Managing the deployment cycle that is across teams, under strict audit requires more than a ticketing tool. Enwrap was created to package all the configuration items required for the middleware solution to be packaged into one single artifact. This helps in easier version control, and an error free deployment process.
How to use
  1. Use the hosted solution that connects with Github to build packages and host them for download by your teams.
  2. Deploy in-house, connecting to SVN or GIT
Observe your APIs
“I sent a request, but I didn’t get a reply” and “I am getting a failure reply” are the most frequent client calls for your APIs and “The backend is down”, “I don’t have your request” are the most frequent responses by your support. Surveil, an intuitive, secure UI will help you eliminate the chatter from your API support, freeing up your time to focus on the real issues. A single app that lets your customers and your support staff view all API interactions on the integration bus.
How to use
  1. Deploy Surveil as a self service portal for your customers, the in-built access control ensures customers view data related only to them.
  2. Deploy Surveil for your support staff, across all customers, and APIs
  3. New APIs can be included into the tool by your engineering and partner teams, with little familiarity with Ruby on Rails