Quantiguous started its journey in 2014 with a mission to create smart interfaces that makes interactions simple, secure and accurate. Our domain expertise enables us to drive business intelligence for our customers through consultation, engineering and support. We specialize in conceptualizing, designing, and creating turnkey solutions for machine to machine interactions via APIs and human to machine interactions on mobile devices. Our key offerings demonstrate our focus on creating easy to use, scalable, and high quality solutions for a superior ownership experience.

Purpose of Existence

Improved connectivity, accelerating digitisation and proliferation of devices enable and demand increasingly complex interactions. To that end, we create clever interfaces by striking a balance between agility, simplicity, and innovation, thereby driving business intelligence.

“Having Akhilesh on board during the product selection, design and implementation of the middleware & mobility stack was extremely valuable for me. His commitment and ability to go well beyond advisory and into program management, and hands-on delivery was immensely useful. It’ll be fair to say that he’s a great partner to have in the digital transformation initiatives.”
Anup Purohit
CIO, Yes Bank
“The team at Quantiguous, led by Akhilesh has been a delight to work with. With continuous delivery, automated tests, quick turnaround incorporating all stakeholder feedback gives them an edge in an otherwise saturated enterprise product & services space.”

Sanjay Sharma
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